About us


We are a watch and jewelry brand founded on the belief that a modern style shouldn't break the bank. This is accomplished by trimming away the costs of traditional marketing and retail mark ups so that we can sell authentic quality watches directly to you. Through this belief, we hope to change the way of thinking that expensive means quality. We aim to deliver exceptional pieces that push the boundaries of excellence and design.
Time is a precious resource. You cannot buy it, exchange it or borrow it. It is fixed and constant. Our time defines who we are; our successes, failures and choices. We believe every moment is an opportunity, not to be wasted or passed by. We are on a mission to inspire, encourage and enthuse you to use time to be driven, creative, motivated. Every second, everyday.
As we progress and expand we will continue to strive to offer high quality watches and jewelry at the fraction of our competitors  prices so that you can have the perfect travel companion with you as you showcase your style treking urban jungles or share a drink with new world friends.